simple, cool-looking x application launchbar written in c, based on yeahlaunch 0.2. displays user-specified applications as tabs along the top of screen and becomes hidden after a delay. uses imlib to show and enlarge icons when moused-over.


  • d lam (maintainer, project lead) dnlam at users dot sf dot net
  • m gumz (website, mental support) akira dot fluxbox dot org


more screenshots are available at
this place


get the latest tarballs from:

anyone who wants to build binary packages is strongly welcome.

to browse the source-code yourself, point your browser to:


tablaunch at sourceforge


tablaunch-0.6050419 12:12:13

  • allows most commandline options to be settable in the config file
  • added yoffset option (requested by a user)
  • fixed auto-hiding inefficiency due to transparent icons with holes
  • code beautified, reduced code repetition
  • --no_label gets rid of the label on the icon when --no_caption is used
  • fixed configure file parsing of comments (line following comments were ignored)
  • BUGS fixed: brightness option parsing, alwaysShowLabel, -rx option, removed -rx option, just use '-r -x <pixels>' instead

tablaunch-0.5050214 10:46:46

  • fixed broken --bottom and --top options
  • reposition text-only tabs to the vertical center of the launchbar
  • fixed floating point rounding errors
  • allow positioning of bar to bottom

tablaunch-0.4050202 09:23:00

  • search for icons in ICON_HOME, assuming 48x48 and 64x64 subdirectories
  • set icon home and enable icon home options
  • fix button click: click does not register if unclicked outside smaller icon
  • fix slight icon shift when moving bar
  • icon blinks when clicked
  • brightness of pressed icon option

tablaunch-0.3050121 15:40:00

  • movable launch bar to access offscreen icons
  • increase image rendering speed by storing preloaded images
  • added option to use Imlib2 instead of Imlib

tablaunch-0.2050117 01:35:00

  • fixed icon lookup by searching for icons in $HOME also
  • fixed parsing of property file
  • option to ignore X resources
  • allow specification of height so that all icons are the same size and also enlarged icons can look better
  • allow a different icon to be used as the zoomed-in icon, rather than enlarging the icon, which may look pixelated
  • small optimizations to reduce CPU
  • fix text label that doesn't completely show due to icon masking by adding captions under icons

tablaunch-0.1050117 01:35:00

  • Code from YeahLaunch 0.2 reworked for readability.

  • Features added:

  • thread for timed-hiding of launch bar
  • -sfn fontname fontname used for selected tab
  • screen width lookup for -r option so you don't have to supply screen width for -rx option
  • expanding of selected tab
  • icons for tabs